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A type of glial cell in the CNS that wraps itself around an axon to form myelin, which serves like insulation.
Altered or misdirected proto-oncogene which then has the ability to transform the normal cell into a neoplastic cell.  Most oncogenes differ from their proto-oncogenes by a single point mutation.
Organ System
A group of organs that contribute to specific functions within the body.
An intracellular structure that performs a specific function or group of functions.
Organic Compound
A substance that contains covalently-bonded carbon and hydrogen and often other elements.
Organophosphate Chemical
Organic chemicals that contain a phosphate group.  Many are highly toxic, as they are capable of inhibition of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase at neural synapses.  Many pesticides and some warfare agents are organophosphate chemicals.
A group of tissues precisely arranged so that so they can work together to perform specific functions.
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