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The toxicokinetic process responsible for the removal or expulsion of a substance from the body.
The process whereby a substance is engulfed and taken into a cell by an inward folding of the cell membrane, which detaches and moves into the cytoplasm.
Enterohepatic circulation
Also known as enterohepatic recirculation.  The cycling of a substance from the blood into the liver, then into the bile and gastrointestinal tract.  This is followed by re-uptake into the blood stream from the gastrointestinal tract, possibly after chemical or enzymatic breakdown.
A protein formed in living cells that acts as a catalyst for chemical reactions in cells.
Enzyme Activation
The increase in levels of an enzyme as the result of stimulation by another chemical substance.  Same as enzyme induction.
Enzyme Inhibitor
A substance which causes a decrease in levels of an enzyme.
The outer layer of the skin.  Also known as epithelium.
A state of balance.  Opposing forces exactly counteract each other.
A process whereby substances (or metabolites) are eliminated from the body.
Contact with a foreign substance, usually by inhalation, ingestion, or skin contact.
Exposure Dose
The amount of a substance to which a person is subjected.
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