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Large phagocytic cells of the blood or lymph systems that can engulf particles or small organisms.
Mechanism of Action
The specific manner by which a substance causes a particular effect.
The conversion of a chemical from one form to another.  It is also known as biotransformation.
A chemical produced when a substance is metabolized by a biological organism.
A commonly used dose that stands for mg of a substance per kg of body weight.
A commonly used dosage that stands for mg of a substance per kg of body weight on a daily basis.
An exposure unit used to express concentrations of particulates in the air, standing for milligrams of compound per cubic meter of air.
Microgram (µg)
A commonly used unit of weight consisting of one millionth (1 x 10-6) of a gram.
The subcellular organelles that are a part of the smooth endoplasmic reticulum.
Milligram (mg)
The most commonly used unit of measure in medicine and toxicity consisting of one thousandth of a gram (1x10-3 g).
Enzyme system (such as cytochrome P450 ) involved in the oxidation of compounds.
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