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The inherit adverse effect of a substance.
Hazard Communication Standard
An OSHA standard established in 1983 requiring all employers to inform employees of the hazard of chemicals in the workplace and the steps necessary to avoid harm.
Hazard Identification
Characterization of the innate adverse toxic effects of an agent.
Hepatic Cancer
Cancer of the liver.
Hepatic Necrosis
Death of liver cells (hepatocytes).
Inflammation of the liver
Toxicity of the liver and associated bile duct and gall bladder.
A systemic poison whose target organ is the liver.
Heritable Translocation Assay
A test for mutagenicity in which exposed male fruit flies (Drosophila) or mice are bred to non-exposed females.  The offspring males (F1 generation) are then bred to detect the presence of chromosomal translocations indicating this specific type of mutation.
Human Dose Equivalent
A calculation of the dose in humans that produces a specific effect based on the dose that produces the effect in animals.  A conversion formula comparing animal to human body weight or animal to human body surface is used.
A state of altered immune reactivity in which the body reacts with an exaggerated response to a foreign agent.
A partial reduction in the oxygen concentration supplied to cells or tissues.
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