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An abnormal sensitivity to some drug or other substance which is peculiar to the individual.
Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health.  A NIOSH estimate for the maximum level of exposure from which a person could exit in 30 minutes without escape-impairing symptoms or irreversible health effects.
Toxicity of the immune system.  It may take several forms: hypersensitivity (allergy and autoimmunity), immunodeficiency, and uncontrolled proliferation (leukemia and lymphoma).
In Vitro
Outside a living organism (e.g., in a test tube).
In Vivo
Occurring within a living organism.
Refers to measures of effects of simultaneous exposure to two or more substances.  The four types of interactions are: additive, antagonistic, potentiation, or synergistic.
Investigational New Drug Application (IND)
Application submitted to the FDA by a pharmaceutical company requesting permission to undertake clinical investigations of a test drug in humans.
Local tissue reaction without involvement of an immunologic mechanism.  It is a reversible inflammation.
A structurally different form of a chemical having the same molecular formula.
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